“But life isn’t that simple, is it!?” I’ve always hesitated to use formulas, but here’s 1 SIMPLE FORMULA that really works in life. πŸ™‚

It is all about the 1 THING we would all like to have more off…

No, I am not talking about money πŸ™‚, but a personality trait that helps us in all areas of life.


Did you know that, when asked in a study, more people said they were afraid of public speaking, then afraid of death?

Clearly, people are not afraid of public speaking itself, but what they fear might happen if they don’t know what to say, how other people will react to them, and so on.

Basically, it’s about being more CONFIDENT.

Well, here is the thing:

CONFIDENCE is a RESULT. It is NOT something you just are.

CONFIDENCE is typically situation-specific.

Put Marcel Hirscher into a chess-competition, and his confidence in the moment will most likely drop quite a bit.

Tell Elon Musk to perform an elegant Waltz at the Vienna Opera Ball and chances are he won’t be as visionary as usual…

The million-dollar question of course is: “HOW do we BECOME confident in something?”

The answer is simple (the process isn’t…): COMPETENCE.

If you want to be confident in something, you have to build COMPETENCE in this area.

And we become confident in something by JUST DOING IT, getting feedback, improving…(see last week’s video for reference).

In today’s video I will discuss 4 questions that can really help you to get some clarity in this area.

And we will break it down to that 1 NEXT STEP that would make the biggest difference for you to get ahead.

Happy Sunday, happy Easter, happy Pessach, and happy holidays to all of you celebrating!

Have a good one πŸ™‚

Now you might wonder “But aren’t there some people that have almost ‘too much confidence’?” Well, I’m not talking about thinking one is better than everybody else, or like one is invincible.

That’s most likely just an overplayed insecurity, disguising itself as “wannabe confidence”. And that’s typically because somebody lacks confidence.

Well: There is NO CHAIRLIFT to Mount Confidence…