I do NOT apologize for getting salesy on you today. This lesson is simply too important to miss!

Today I want to introduce you to my exclusive method of learning.

It is a way of learning that has made me tons of fun.

And it has paid me thousands of Euros.

It all started with a quote I read when I was 19…it changed my life forever.

If you get the importance of this lesson,you set yourself up for success in life.

However if you don’t get this lesson then you are doomed to be forever unhappy and miserable. And most likely: BROKE!

Yes, you will have little enjoyment and even less money.

You will sabotage your own success and continuosly make the wrong choices in life.

The great news is: you get to decide now!

Will you learn the lesson and apply it goingforth in your life?

It is up to you.



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You see most people do exactly the opposite.

They choose a job simply based on what it pays.

Hence they do often work they don’t enjoy but that “pays the bills”. After work they get busy adding at least some kind of meaning to their lives by watching tv or playing games.

I learnt to do different. And many people thought I am weird for that.

I get a business degree and then don’t work my ass off in the consulting world. I don’t throw myself into investment banking where the big sums are.

Instead I give tutoring lessons to high school children. I accept freelancing and ghostwriting gigs in areas I haven’t worked before. And that often for little money…so WHY all the work?

I wanted to learn these things anyhow…but I didn’t want to pay for them.

So I decided to get paid to learn them…BIG time!

We all know that learning by doing works…followed by intermittent rewards in the form of a paycheck and happy clients on top of that.

Do you want to learn something new? Is there a new skill you want to acquire?

Then ask yourself this question: how can you connect it to what you already know? How can you use your current skills and qualifications to get a job in the area you know nothing about?

Then go and get paid.

“IT IS NOT THAT EASY!!!” I can hear you say. Thanks for your input.

You are right. It is not that easy. But simple.


  • Excellent customer service. Always.
  • Go the extra mile. Overdeliver.
  • You get the desired results at all costs. You get it done (“within legal and moral boundaries”).

The key to this philosophy is what I call the

The rule is this:

[stextbox id=”black” caption=” THE80/20 RULE OF STRETCH LEARNING”]“You only have 20% of what the job takes when you get it. Rest assured in confidence that you will acquire the remaining 80% in course of the project. Then go work your butt off – IN LOVING SERVICE.”


Yes, in loving service.

“But why should somebody pay me if I don’t even have what it takes!!?”

I’m glad you asked.

That’s because you work in loving service.

You are known as the guy/gal that delivers.

And you learn rapidly.


Look: you can only grow in life by learning something new.

You learn riding a bike by getting on the damn bike and riding it. That simple.

You may fall of, you may hurt yourself, but eventually you reach the desired milestone for your client.

Almost all of the successful entrepreneurs I know started their business with the first order. And then they made sure to deliver. Happy first client, rinse repeat, BIG LEARNINGS in between.

You don’t wait till you have the “best prepared entrepreneur” certificate in your bedroom. This is NOT how life works.

[stextbox id=”exercise” caption = “Exercise Of The Day” cbgcolor=”f844ee”]

Your exercise for today is this: Ask yourself the following question: Where do you want to go? What do you want to learn? Then go take the first step TODAY! ­čÖé


W├╝nsch dir was ;-),