As you might have read in one of my last quotes talking,

I’ve recently taken up the ritual of “good night walking”.

When it’s already late, laterns illuminating the street,
this desire overcomes me to catch fresh air, move my feet.

I’m out in the suburbs, luckily it is safe here at night,

so I haven’t worried once whether what I am doing is right.
Well not by safety, but I sometimes wondered what I was doing out there,
as I didn’t meet any bypassers, other pedestrians anywhere.

So as I am passing by these houses, peeking through windows inside,

most often what I observe is colourful, flimmery light.
People, families staring into the screen,
drinks, popcorn on the table between.

Meanwhile I am the weirdo outside in fresh air,

pondering deeply into the nightsky for minutes I’d stare.

This sense of being different feels quite familiar to me,

as I observe in the distance the winds move some tree.
But lately I’ve started to see things from a different view,
defined what in this context “weird” is anew.

I might be the outsider, march out there alone,

but MY ideas, pictures, sounds in my mind are at home.

After a long day, a precaution I take, over which I obsess,

instead of filling useless content my brain I allow it to process,
sensory input of an experience-rich day,
sort out what’s useful, what learnings in there should stay.

Now if it’s a really clear night, the stars shining down,

overcomes me this sadness, I can’t help but frown.
Our ancestors looked up there, found directions, shared dreams,
this tradition ‘s been lost to reali-TV, sitcoms, at least so it seems!

Of all mankind’s capable, given what it can do,

is this using our potential, does it appear sufficient for you?

Let’s try a thought experiment if you’re crazy enough to follow poet Chris,

a simple situation I want you to imagine is this:
Radio, TV, wifi, assume we had it for hundreds of years,
what treasures of art, science, technology we had missed, we’d all be crying in tears.

One thing I’m convinced of is that the greatest ideas really grow,

when thinkers in solitude in their minds combine what they already know.

Let’s use decade-old wisdom, take a success classic off the shelf,

open Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, a master artist himself.
On page 70 we learn, thinking about creativity, we get the information,
there are two forms: synthetic and creative imagination.

The first one as a mixture of experience and teaching, explained,

it’s the one that through TV, social media, distraction has started to fade.

Now if you wonder how to keep it alive, avoid that it perish?

The first step is simple: your own thoughts start to cherish!
To your treasure of wisdom, your inner voice be that kind,
switch off the devices, leave space, combine what’s already there in your mind.

For effective creation one last requirement shall be met,

to express what your mind has brewed up use your artistic outlet.

The second form that Hill describes, a different approach it takes,

Napoleon with his words stays mysterious, magical he this form really makes.
And after years of experiencing it, the mystery there remain,
while trying to force it, consciously creating it is always in vain!

To access it, need to go through a portal, some magical gate,

triggered by some outside stimuli, an inspiration it must activate.

Think of it as the magical form taken over by which,

a Mozart would compose a symphony first-time perfect, pitch-by-pitch!
Similarly legendary Tesla saw the entire machine before his eye,
only then drew it down once on paper – this magic force being the reason why.

Now following this, it wouldn’t be a surprise to me,

if lifted by the same spirit Einstein discovered his relativity theory.
So all of these magical moments share that one “symptom”,
we can’t attribute or know where that spark of genius was coming from!

If I may add myself there, formulate quite provocant,

the way I experience it is like a narcotic, powerful mind stimulant.
Once it has taken over, there’s no help, it is now too late,
the artist no longer can, instead he MUST create.

Pressure builds in the entire body, cribbling in the mind,

an obsessive compulsion of the most pleasant kind.

The way to resolve this, surely no big news,

one shall of his creative outlet make good use!
The only manipulation I’ve discovered that gets me results  good,
is to go into an environment, a location that increases the likelihood.

Nature, trees, the green work wonders for me,

maybe similar for you, but might also be a busy city?

What I want to challenge you is to observe over time,

ask yourself “Do I leave space, for these thoughts of mine?”
You don’t need to consult more experts for the answers real smart,
your unconscious will deliver all required answers, solutions if only to listen you will start.

If my words today alienate and confuse you in many ways,

the only thing I invite you to do is the next evenings leave some space!
What you used with busy-ness, activities fill,
for the first minutes will feel like the world standing still.

If you stay with the weirdness, the effect you will make,

soon turns into vacuume and your inner voice will soon awake.
If you trust the process and wait it all through,
you can’t now even imagine what magic will happen for you!

Back on the streets I keep walking, always less than before,

I start to realize I don’t feel like the weird one no more.

So why bother, let yourself be defined by this world?

which often reading your words, their truth rarely heard…
Oh look! The shooting star in the night sky so clear!
I might still walk lonely, but I am the normal one being out here.