Some serious bro-time really got me thinking,
what is the elixir that we’re all drinking?
If you open your eyes and look around,
there are two different worlds out there that can be found.

The first perspective sees things stable, not dramatic,
structure, order – we call it static.
While it is good to realize these aspects, see things clear,
it also makes all interesting elements just disappear!

The second view, sees moving parts and motion,
creates the space for in-between, processes and emotion,
we call this world dynamic, because it will
not fall for the false illusion that anything stands still!

Now who the artist here would he be to judge,
but can’t he help himself reveal he has a favorite one as such.
The second view he surely prefers, for it is much
more able to inspire him, lift his thoughts with its magic touch.

What I will be doing here today, dear reader,
if you let my pen for a minute be the thought leader,
is to challenge some mainstream thinking, this risk I took,
to draw your attention to a phenomenon too many people overlook.

Something called the Hegelian principle, it is quite profound,
we commonly agree that in science to use it is more than just sound.
Three parts it is made of, in order one comes and then the next,
what changes is only the time between and the context.

At first there comes the big hypothesis,
let’s be clear about what it’s task is:
a new way to look at cause-effect it takes,
a sometimes more humble, or bolder claim it makes.

Whether right or wrong, big advantage it has one:
that because it is there first competition it has none!
And because some people are in urgence, come to conclusions too fast,
the unproven claim is now regarded a fact, truth, not put to the test.

Only a bit later then, too late as some would say,
until the opponent, the second actor joins the play.
We know it takes two parties to make an interesting game,
which now begins as player 2 enters: anti-thesis its name.

Now something begins which I think to call is right
nothing less than a stronger, weaker debate, a fight!
They both know clearly, are that smart,
to realize that they need to both play their part.

Be not mistaken, whether it appears screaming, gentle, really coy,
it’s one big task is seek the other one to destroy.

If both actors clench their fists, go straight into the battlefield,
they fight with swords and guns, don’t care about wearing a shield.
What the world then sees it calls a chaos, destruction or crisis,
when it’s just the first signs of the arriving actor three, called synthesis.

Why the author takes the effort to digress this wide?
That’s because these principles are working in many other places, both out- and inside.
Let’s now change our look, take our eyes off of science,
to discover where else the same principle is working in silence.

Adapting the dynamic view, we turn to psychology,
here inside a person we find battling its parts, she isn’t free,
pulling one direction goes a part who wants to win,
stopped by another part that comes in strongly opposin’.

Even better it goes in sociology where it can be seen,
that it is the eternal rise and fall of tribes, nations, or team.
The ones established seek to strengthen their position,
those behind work hard, strategize and arise in opposition.

It hit me one day with quite astonishment,
that the same phenomenon explains economic development!
Look it up and check the numbers for they show clearly,
established economies don’t reach developing economies in growth figures nearly!

But most clearly it shows, while I was not that expecting,
taking a closer look at really great novels, drama and in acting!

Take two men, born into contrasting places in life,
one grows up to inherit an empire, the other to strive.
One is born into money, all the resources a man can desire,
the other without plenty, his perspectives look dire.

Now if ever these existences cross paths, these two should meet,
the Hegelian principle may be triggered immediately at full speed.
Add a femme fatale admist these two men,
now both actors fully step into their roles at that moment just then.

The established one realizes his duty to manage fortune and empire wise,
the underdog’s quest begins for power, money, whatever will help him rise.
Don’t get judging, please do not seek to blame,
we all see in those characters our own deep need for recognition and fame.
Now you may not need celebrity status, or of financial fortune a big amount,
but you too want to be seen at least by the few that do really count.

The essence of what I’m saying today is that we should embrace life as this dynamic game,
instead of trying to rid ourselves of dark forces, seek our hunger for power or demons to tame,
See this eternal dance of power out there in every field, discipline,
for a much more wholesome and and healthy view of life we all stand to win!
For pretending we’re free of it it, as if existing it was not,
is more than delusion, a dangerous lacuna, a fatal blind spot.

Now all of this is not to say,
there is not another option, the notorious better way.
How do we embrace the dark side, integrate it well?
Now that’s something for another time to tell.
While drastic today, it is not too good to be true,
how to resolve this peacefully? We’ll see that next time in part two 😉