I guess the way a writer is wired,
is that he writes best when he is inspired.
And the best his art you ever will find,
he creates with a freshly renewed, expanded mind.

And as years have taught me, this I can tell,
nothing so much frees up the mind as frequent travel.
For a change of scenery not just provides a different view,
but opens up your mind for something new!

The calendar will tell you approaching fast is spring,
maybe you too wonder what this year it will bring?
Of winter, snow (a little!) and cold nights you’ve had enough,
hoping, looking forward to colourful flowers, the joy of new love?

The blossoming of trees and flowers has symbolic meanings,
stands for the promise of much beloved spring feelings.

Just the same we do this time of year,
this ritual where we order our things and clear
our rooms of all the things that don’t belong there no more,
creating so much space for new-bought items to acquire and store.

And while that is useful, surely not in vain,
one wonders why we don’t do the same with our brain.
Of useless there, the unrequired is for many more than enough,
it remains there just this to get rid of all that stuff.

A dichotomy that these days brews heavy on my mind,
a seeming conflict, battle of the strongest kind,
is to find this line between business and art,
to balance the pursuit of passion and purpose real smart.

But is this distinction at all made to be?
Some recent encounters keep wondering me,
artists and managers for shortcomings in one often the other do blame,
yet what if both these areas would indeed be the same?

No wait! In truth they are both interdependent,
instead of fighting their conflicts they need to end!
For one couldn’t exist if it hadn’t its brother,
at times mentoring or cheerleading the other.

The business man needs ideas and creations to sell,
a copywriter to package these items in a story to tell,
the salesman or marketer to present the product just right,
attract people’s attention, put the product into spotlight.

If all done right the creation will make a big hit,
satisfy shareholders endless demand for above-average profit.
Jobs are saved and created, taxes are paid,
be it manager, customer, government, everyone feels great!

And yet none of these things had ever gotten of the ground,
had it not been for the inventor, creator or artist who found,
combined from the earth’s matter in profoundly new ways,
resources, energies that offer solutions that the world will amaze.

And yet the opposite is just as much true,
without entrepreneurs, marketers we wouldn’t buy anything new,
probably wouldn’t know it exist, not have a single clue!
For it is the business man’s instinct, or is it a gene?
To bring the creator’s ideas into a market where people convene.

And the capitalists’ strong desire for profit, that always strong will,
while often criticized, undervalued is an incredibly powerful skill.
For both men, artist as capitalist, are taken over by their intrinsic need,
give meaning to their actions, see them manifest in the physical world and succeed!

Just to be sure we cover both sides, let’s now take a turn,
see what valuable things the artist from the manager should learn.
First of all, to give his day structure, he should by all means,
consciously build into his day time frames, processes and some routines.

If the artist’s creative juices are to flow,
they need a vessel into which they can go,
to give birth to art, keep himself from going mad,
he needs a trusted process to get ideas out of his head!

Was it not for the salesmen of the world and their pushy charms,
we would have missed much that our hearts so beautifully warms,
for many times an artist too much about his creation has cared,
only the salesman realized that with the world out there it had to be shared!

As for my own story, permit here to talk about me,
my quite denied gift was siting down to create poetry.
Infected by a virus that masculinity with recklessness confuses,
luckily a way out was shown by inspiring muses.

If inspiration, timing and openness morph,
one can’t help it, art comes automatically forth.
When art is ready, it takes over, makes its vessel stay up so late,
doesn’t ask him if he wants to, but he just HAS TO create.

So then, what if one or the other had never been the matter,
as a mentor taught me, we could tie both of them together!
For the only way they can both unleash their energies,
is in areas where they meet, exist natural synergies.

It is time that we realize, need to become that smart,
embrace the fact that art is a business, and business is art.

– CB, 15/03/16