Before we begin, I will need to ask for your trust. Today’s topic is deep, and I mean…really deep.

And I’m not talking about the Schwedenplatz-on-a-Saturday-night kind of deep…I am talking about discovering the inner layers of an iceberg deep.

Do I have your trust?

Alright, let’s begin 🙂

Today I want to paint to a question that gets asked more and more. I have been faced with it from many sources; there are two authors standing out in my mind that talk about it again and gain.

One is Carolyn Myss, a spiritual teacher and medical intuitive as she calls herself. The other is the German psychotherapist Robert Betz.

People are confused. That is because we have more and more choice than ever before. I keep on pounding it down, The Paradox of Choice is the best TED Talk on this topic.

Yet we are so confused about what to eat or what to wear; the worries are about a more fundamental layer: it’s about WHO WE ARE.

Both these authors talk about a freedom and responsibility that we have: to define who we are, and even higher: what is our way to walk?

You see for thousands of years the question has been answered for us. In fact: we were not even asked. We probably didn’t even have the time to ask that question.

Millions of inventions later that have taken over our activities for us we have more time in our hands to philosophize about the meaning of life. And more precisely: the meaning of OUR lives.

Generations before us didn’t have to answer this question. We have had culture, religion, morals, codices dictate and prescribe (not judging here…at least: not really) decide who we are to be and what we are to do.

If we consider systemic constellations, then naturally family can also play an important part in directly or indirectly affecting our choices in life. Just consider a family dynasty with a big corporation to run, or “All men in our family become lawyers/doctors/teachers…”.

Clearly we can agree that less and less outside influences are answering the fundamental questions in our lives. Yes, we have companies that answer questions for us like “What should we eat for dinner today?” or “Where do we spend our holidays.”

These are mundane questions compared to fundamental questions that all of us are dealing with.

We may not be asking them consciously. In fact: if we have one clear answer to these question and never seen else – then we will probably take over and follow in the foot steps of what we learnt.

Yet today life offers us a wide menu of choices: do I want to be conservative or liberitarian, do I want to be roman-catholic or take on some buddhist elements, do I want to…?

As Robert Betz said the person who doesn’t develop the consciousness to direct his own course in life, to give himself a meaning, will be threatened to suffer in changing times.

In the age of consciousness it is your calling, your mission that gives strength and certainty instead of the material belonging around you that offer what seems to be certainty.

Let’s imagine we are all ships on the ocean of life.

It doesn’t take much to be a ship.

It takes concentration to develop the skills of a captain.

It requires discipline and character to steer a ship.

It requires mastery to navigate your ship on the ocean of life…in the face of storms, rain, thunder and some streams.

I am here to say that the answer to all of these questions…to the meaning of life…lies inside of YOU.

How I dare to say this? Well, I’m in good company:

So while it is only yours to answer the question, it is mine here now to present the question to you:

What, yes what is yours to do?


P.S.: For all of you that find this to be a bit too-spiritual…here is a statistical, sociologically-measured article in the Austrian newspaper KURIER by Dr. Paul Zulehner.

P.P.S.: For still all those who find the emergence of these gurus or “sharlatans” to be doubtful, questionable… consider also that their very emergence (and people’s need for them…) speaks to the validity of the argumentation inside this article ;-)…