Probably yours reading this as so is my
age group 1980 to 1995 is Generation Y.
During my master’s I heard so many older people say,
that “they” (so we!!) are “so much different” in just every way.
From relationships, life goals to work values differences are ranging,
most attribute this Gen Y, not to times generally changing.

Faced with so much input from people old and young,
I developped this desire to research this topic, yes a real “Drang”.
Many interviews, transcripts and reflections wiser,
I can tell you, I haven’t found a clear answer…leider!
One thing still bothers me is as portrayed by media our image,
it serves nothing else than to drive between us this seeming wedge!
YES, it is true that times are changing,
but due to this all generations are arranging.
So value differences where they now exist,
may not necessarily for eternity persist.
And less coined by the times that people grew up in,
they are made by what family and system in these early years about were talkin’.
At the end of the day the results clear and methodology sound,
way more similarities than differences between generations were found.
One big influence to be considered, brought some hypotheses to fall,
are general and global trends that not just GenY, they affect all.
Another factor that Weckmann/Bimüller see worth notin’,
is a general influence of the age that Gen Y is currently in.
Proof there is Generation Y leaves companies bit sooner,
my theory is because more options there to swoon her!
The paradox of choice liberates us, complicates our stay,
whilst physically one place, mind another, in midst smelling flowers along the way,
and just like we see on the horizon a different weather,
we leave in the illusion in another company it’s better!
From talking to many: we don’t feel like slaves unwilling to serve their master,
we just want the fast-track, rise the career-ladder faster!
But dear generation colleagues! If frm the cherice of wisdom we were drinking,
it would tell us to change from short- to long-term-thinking!
My guru said it wise, realization of the truth of his words moved me to tears,
we overestimate what in one and never realize what we can achieve in five years!!
We will more than thought possible exceed our believed potential,
once we trust the truth that success ain’t linear, but EXPONENTIAL!!
Now other opportunities we find if at the results we take another glance,
our generation places more emphasis on good work-life-balance.
All companies interviewed have realized and adjusted to this trend,
work on making it acceptable that employees less and less time in the office spend.
Still some way for them to go to overcome the fear,
accept that it’s not employees, but PEOPLE working here.
While some politics and third-class newspapers think it’s weed,
interviews with experts reveal Generation Y really has a specific need,
a great way for them to learn, a lesson to teach,
is for set goal leave it to them how it is to reach.
For the young high potential, little him as much fulfils,
than to succeed and achieve using own intuition and skills!
And just my business men, managers, for your information!
Isn’t that what you dream of – efficient delegation?
Therefore, Baby Boomer, Generation X leaders, let go off need for perfection,
Gen Yers other than Gen Xers want to find the way, need less direction.
And if they have thoughtful leaders who he/she really trusts,
to him/her they will deliver equal if not even better quality results!
One measure though I found, really the coolest thing,
is something innovative called reverse mentoring!

While to its traditional, classical mentoring it is not superior,
it changes role and makes the junior “coach” the senior.
If this approach is new, seems strange, crazy or weird to you,
be sure it is focused solely on topic: mobile apps and web 2.

Gen Yers love it, they get to show their skill and talent,
in terms of retention, they get to be seen by management.
Executive board, directors too much have to earn,
new knowledge, skills and understanding for Gen Y they get to earn.

The end result of my study matched a feeling I had had soon,
that while different in some details, there is little new under the moon.
The once young and wild of times, decades gone by,
look around at the younger generation and be asking themselves why,
they are loud, alive, want to go out and change the world,
not realizing few years prior that is exactly what their own parents had heard!
And for the young ones, Gen Y it’s not easy, but rather quite SCHWER,
in uncertain, fast-changing times find their own way out there.