A discussion yesterday set my mind roaring so it wouldn’t keep calm until I shared this with you. For my own peace of soul may  I share this with you…

As a business student I have been indoctrinated with the ideas of efficiency and the usage of “scarce resources”.

Stepping into success psychology the first thing I was diagnosed with was a “scarcity mentality”.

Now, only years later, I can positively correlate them with each other. DUH!!


Are you ready for big words?


Abundance and Efficiency – 2 Natural Laws

Abundance is a natural law.

So is efficiency.

Let’s work this out…

Abundance is everywhere around us. Yes. Can’t you see the flowers left and right? The fresh water that comes running from the tap everyday again?

Human smiles – unlimited. You can’t see them? Will you put the right glasses on, dear? Oh you are in the desert, soo? Abundance of sand everywhere! 😉

So is efficiency grained into us. Evolutionary psychologists and many biologists won’t get tired pointing out to us that we go the “path of least resistance”, that our bodies mean to conserve as much energy as possible. We want to spend as little as possible for the task required.

Abundance of passion and energy…what for?

Who do you think will feel happier on an everyday basis? The efficient eyes that see where to cut costs everywhere? Or the person perceiving abundance, no matter how financially “broke” they may be?

Scarcity mentality in the eyes of Erich Fromm creates the sense of “having” or “owning” instead of being and enjoying. Eckhart Tolle, author of “The Power of Now” sees how it creates “separation” instead of union.


2 amazing authors I take the liberty of quoting here.

Who is to blame? I know! What a high quality question to ask! 🙂

We live in a system that doesn’t walk its talk. We preach efficiency from the altars, and then waste billions on corruption to finance high level bureaucracy for their sense of importance. We cut costs for thousands of factory workers to finance the purchase of a new stretch limo for the little-beloved board of directors.

This is not a time to be Marxistian. Some things just have to be stated in the open. The creation of goods and services is the lifeblood of any society – whether you base a whole economic system on it or not. Yet a focus on numbers growth and “EFFICIENCY” as the summa maxima has obviously failed its goal.

We sit in ivory towers at our Mahagoni tables and need 1.000 specialists and 5.000 security guards to pass resolutions to “create world peace” in countries thousands of kilometers away. Preferrably the kind of peace that we prefer. We pay billions for development aid and then invest in erecting electrical fences to “protect” our borders.

We demand the private consumer to never make debt, then advertise constant consumption – so far it has gone that we even advertise inside public bathrooms and toilets. No place or time for independent thought.

We don’t teach any financial courses and don’t speak the truth that the financially richest people build their fortunes using and leveraging debt.

We have governments that in 60 years make black numbers three times, debts 57 times and still act as if the reasonable goal for a government was to make no debt. Nobody will speak the truth that – besides other functions – a government’s role is to be the institution that collectively finances (via debt) what private households and businesses can’t afford to pay under the doctrine of the capitalist system we are in.

The entrepreneurial mindset is honorable and essential. It has erected mankind to captains of industry, to dominate the dominion, the reigning creation on the block…

And yet it alone is not enough. A change has to happen.

You all know the overused Einstein Quote:  albert-einstein-physicist-we-cant-solve-problems-by-using-the-same-kind-of-thinking

credit: quoteHD.com

and let’s continue with bon-vivant and renaissance man Buckminster Fuller:

Buckminster Fuller – Ridiculous Idea

We have to come up with new economic goals. Constant growth as the economic doctrine can over decades lead to something like this…:


Full employment is a great intention in the sense that everyone shall find a way to contribute something meaningful to society’s well-being. The idea that everybody needs to have a full-time job – many of them working in the production of goods and services that the other half works in advertising and pounding into people’s heads to ensure the sales of the production – is only a partial path to fulfilment.

It is time to become more balanced and more right-brained as a society. Or let’s find creative ways to put the immaterial and sensable into key performance indicators (KPIs for you MacKs) to convince our left hemispheres to get on board too.

The entrepreneurial mindset oversees something. By seeing resources that can be combined to – OMG the word – “create value” – you run the risk of overseeing the value already inherent in the thing or person itself.

[stextbox id=”black”]Is focusing on “what you can get out of something” leading you to appreciate and seeing what is inside of something?[/stextbox]

In my coachings with clients the task is to change focus and identify and see the resources already there. We all as beings, just like every “resource” already have an abundance of value in us.

We are all entrepreneurs, businesses that create value and produce goods and services on an everyday basis. Every living organism has specialization and efficiency already working inside of itself – as a non-trivial machine with cybernetic mechanisms.

And yet: it has abundance. It creates abundance: of thoughts, stories, tales, opportunities, smiles, moments of happiness.

Let’s not just create abundance. Let’s realize it’s always here.

And it shall be for all.

Thank you,