Today I want to freestyle on an epiphany I had the other night (after all I have to give this sleepless night some kind of meaning J…)

Ultimately, Absolutely Everything Is Totally Relative.

In association with my good buddy Albert I decided to take his popular principle one level further.

I applied his relatvity theory…just for one day….to our entire society.

Relativity Theory 2.0 

I realized that: our entire society is built on assumptions.

We call them „principles“. Yet they are only assumptions.

Don’t get me wrong here. Most of them are highly useful.

Yet they are just assumptions.

Or rather: commonly held and explicity or implicity commonly agreed-upon assumptions.

They allow us to work together and function as a society.

The fundamental laws and rights we have enable us to work together in this system. They are set in stone (unless we decide to change them…).

The Ultimate Relativity Test

Have you ever gone to a different country or culture and realized…they are totally different there? Not strange, not weird, nor stupid…just…different (except for highly industrialized food combinations like standard Pizza and vitamin-enriched B12-milk…).

Say you go to the UK and find people „strange“ for driving on the other side of the road. What do you think a Brit is going to say when they come to Continental Europe (and don’t answer „I’m not amused“ ;-)).

If it hadn’t developed that Asian food now is trendy and en vogue (thanks god rather than that pizza-milk-mix J) then we might find that eating with sticks is strange.

So far as for some examples of relativity. Now my critique:

What’s To Critique

Noone in person. Society can only function within a code of law, structures and systems in place. They save negotiating and discussing about every single topic.

And yet it is only relative and often more than somewhat arbitrary. „It’s a law,“ is not the fullest justification, unless the law is backed by something higher. Is it morally disgusting? Is it absolutely unethical? Now we talk different language.


Some countries will take your car for drunk driving, others will satisfy themselves with a two-number-euro-sum.

Different assumptions.

Suggested Assumptions

Here’s what I wonder: we have a law in place and a common assumption that red lights mean „STOP“ and „HALT!“. You need to stop in traffic.

What if we got crazy and just a little bit creative…the red traffic lights might as well be an official reminder that we need to eat two red apples (not like Schneewittchen…).

Yet we don’t. This is an area where we’ve decided not to pass any laws as it’s not necessary (though it might be useful if there was something forcing us to eat the healthy stuff?). Though it might be useful.

Here’s the Takeaway

NO, I don’t mean your apple-takeaway. I try to be a verbal one-stop-shop as much as I can.

Question your own assumptions. Don’t take anything for granted unless you want to and it’s useful to you.

Don’t be fooled by a relative society and system and let it hurt your thinking or creativity.

It has been said:

[stextbox id=”black”]„Look around. You wouldn’t be able to see what you see if someone at some point hadn’t seen what wasn’t there.“[/stextbox]

Tomorrow’s solutions can hardly come from yesterday’s thinking.

If there is one useful question I have learnt in coaching, it is this: „How do you know?!“

If you start putting yourself down and say „I’m the worst writerrr ever,“ (Hey, are you talking about me?! J) the adequate response is „How do you know?!“

Question Everything. Unless It is Useful & Legal

Obviously we got to keep the laws. (At least: until a big enough majority decides on changing them and…voila – we have new assumptions that seem like they’ve been there forever).

And your progress will come from questioning things.

You work in science? Breakthrough discoveries come from seeing things new.

You are an entrepreneur?  Questioning things is at the heart of innovation.

If you believe anything that is not useful, do yourself a favor and…let it go!

[stextbox id=”black”]„The truth of a belief is measured by the usefulness of it.“[/stextbox]

Wow! What a belief?

Now have a useful day! 🙂



P.S.: In all seriousness: I am very CONCERNED. Concerned about the basic assumptions that increasingly larger majorities (once again) put out the drawer and start acting on it. Do we really have to get into another huge conflict based on (the pretense of?) an entire network of assumptions: (spell: R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N) or will we finally be able to tolerate differences in such and acknowledge each other the freedom of thought (not just speech and actions that derive from thoughts?).