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15 to 20% of people are highly sensitive people – women and men alike. While the concept of high sensitivity has boomed in recent years, almost nothing has been said about the special role of highly sensitive men.

Caught between typical male stereotypes that promote aggressiveness over compassion, achievement over empathy, these about 700 million men in the world face particular challenges.

How can highly sensitive men that find themselves in an overstimulating, HSP-incompatible lifestyle change their way of living into one where the trait of high sensitivity is integrated? This book shows the 4 phases and 6 steps that every HSM needs to go through before being able to successfully integrate HS into their lives.

This download includes
– A 190-page densely packed book with scientific foundations, clear step-by-step guidelines and powerful mindset-changing techniques to transform your life
– A 25 exercise thick workbook that helps you to walk step by step towards a happier and healthier life.

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The Workbook:

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45% of Americans don’t get enough sleep. 31% of Americans admit to having slept behind the wheel.

Sleep deprivation is a serious medical problem. It’s effects range from obesity, high blood pressure to increased risk of accidents and significantly lower life expectancy.

We all know that we need to sleep longer and through…but HOW? Medication? Reduce responsibilities? Expensive, high-tech mattresses? NONE OF THAT.

All you need for sound and smart sleep are science-backed strategies and simple steps to set yourself up for deep & restful sleep.

In “7 Steps To Better Sleep” you are going to learn:

  • The Inner Game of Sleep – Why and How to change the way you think about sleep
  • 3 Big Sleep Myths Debunked (if you buy into them you’ll never change your sleeping habit)
  • How to build a good night ritual (so you can sleep deeply and well – every night for the rest of your life)
  • A simple but powerful 7-step-formula to improve your sleeping habits and finally sleep well again.

And as a FREE BONUS: 7 Science-Proven and Natural Ways To Sleep Better and Sleep Through“.

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How To Quit Caffeine

Do you drink caffeine? Chances are yes. The FDA reports that 80% of adults consume caffeine daily. And for a lot of people that works well and nothing is wrong with that, BUT…

There’s another, a dark side to caffeine. Many people are addicted to caffeine – and suffer from heavy side effects. Negative symptoms can include being jittery and shaky, increased blood pressure and pulse (also hypertension). It may cause headaches, nervousness and dizziness.

Caffeine is a mind-stimulant and drug – plain and simple. And lots of people, especially pregnant women, need to reduce or even quit consuming caffeine – for good. Luckily there is now…a safe, science-based and proven way to reduce and quit caffeine.

Introducing…”How To Quit Caffeine – Without Withdrawal and Headaches“.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • A simple 7 step strategy for quitting with the least amount of effort possible!
  • Why caffeine addiction is so tricky and how you can quit nonetheless.
  • Your Safe Dose – How much caffeine is okay for you but shouldn’t exceed (it’s individual for all of us and depends on a few factors)
  • Find the¬†caffeine replacement that is the best for You.

But wait, there’s more. If you order now, you’ll receive as a free bonus the “Instant Energy Secrets”. Discover 7 powerful ways that will give you more energy and alertness – naturally – and without the anxiety and jitters…

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